The choir and its core identity

A strong sense of identity marked by rigour, curiosity and passion

Founded thirty years ago, the Regional Île-de-France Vittoria Choir has stood the test of time thanks to a strong sense of identity marked by rigour, curiosity and passion, an identity that has set it apart from other choirs and secured its place among the great oratorio choirs of France. Established in 1987 at the initiative of the Île-de-France regional council, the beating heart of this choir is made up of its some seventy amateur members. Drawn from across the Paris region, members are selected not just on the basis of their vocal talent but also on the basis of their underlying motivation: with rehearsals taking place twice a week, productions that are often demanding and a rich program of events often featuring little-performed works, they are each required to make a considerable commitment in a demanding environment.

A deep affinity with French music

Since 2011, the Choir has been under the joint direction of artistic director Michel Piquemal, who has been with the Choir since the very beginning, and associate conductor Boris Mychajliszyn. Together they decide on the broad thematic directions as well as the repertoire and collaborations, and also regularly direct concerts together.

« Although we each have our own musical personality, we share the same vision, » explains Mychajliszyn. « The Choir also shares this vision. »  

Both Piquemal and Mychajliszyn share a deep affinity with French music, and they love to take the path less travelled in pursuit of lesser-known composers like Martial Caillebotte, Jean Cras and Joseph-Guy Ropartz.

« For the both audience and the Choir, I try to strike a balance between material they already like and new unexplored works, » explains Piquemal. « I want to offer the widest possible choice. »

Although the Vittoria Choir would never deprive itself of the pleasure of singing Bach, Mozart or Rossini, it is relentless in its exploration of less travelled paths that lead to new discoveries and new works.

An ambassador of excellence in France and abroad

The Choir’s primary role may be to popularise classical music throughout the Île-de-France, especially in relation to choral singing, yet its work extends beyond this specific region and has led to it taking on the role of ambassador of excellence both in France and abroad. Inquisitive explorer, initiator of audacious, often interdisciplinary projects, with a discography that reflects its open-minded outlook and for which it has received numerous awards – most notably a prestigious Victoire de la Musique Classique award in 1998 for its recording of Honegger’s King David – the Vittoria Choir is regularly sought after by leading professional orchestras and conductors, as well as by artists and the various support structures that underpin cross-disciplinary projects.